Test Your Node Knowledge

I came across a great company called node school while searching the node community. It offers core and elective workshops for aspiring node developers. I was able to complete the core basics and pass all the tests in a few hours.

Although the concepts are basic, I learned quite a bit about the core of node that gets hidden by npm modules like connect, express, async, etc. I came away knowing much more about how the low-level net, http and streams work.

The electives include a wide range of topics including:

  • functional javascript
  • level db
  • binary data manipulation
  • express framework
  • hapi framework
  • koa framework
  • web gl
  • browserfy
  • johnny-five api
  • lodash utilities
  • ES6 topics

As you can see they offer lots of interesting topics to dive into.

The courseware is easy to follow and gives good hints on best practices. Not that I’ve completed the core, I plan to dive into as many of the electives as I can.

Written on September 7, 2014